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We are so excited to welcome you as an honored guest in a space that has been designed to provide comfort AND elegance. Our hope is that Emma Rue's will be your go-to spot for meeting up with a friend for coffee, or grabbing a cocktail before dinner, or reconvening after an evening of entertainment for drinks and dessert. 

How it all began...

Emma Rue's has been incubating for over a decade. Three friends got together over whiskeys and champagne late one night in the mid 2000s  and started dreaming up a way to intersect their individual passions. Out of these fun gatherings emerged a cocktail, coffee, and dessert concept and in late 2020, after three or more years of keeping an eye out on spaces in Spokane, the right spot finally presented itself. 

Perhaps 2020 wasn't the best year to decide on opening a café in downtown Spokane but sometimes the stars simply align and there's nothing else to do but take the leap of faith. 





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